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Dimitri the stud

I don’t see what’s so funny about this… Seems like a normal phone message to leave a lady.

Cheers to Peter for the link


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Well… it made me laugh and in the end thats all that matters.

Some inappropriate (but funny) language.

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Talking cats!

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Agh! a cockroach.

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It’s official and its made my summer…. DIABLO 3 was officially announced.

May not seem like a big deal to most but anybody that knows me will know that a large part of my heart is dedicated to the diablo series…. So kids now you know, sobbing into your pillow at night never gets you what you want, send offensive emails to the developers long enough does the trick.

Diablo 3


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Remi Gaillard

If only I could do this… I’d be kicking footballs into bins and doors all day!


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Matt travels around the world and films his unique dance.

Kudos to my brother Ciaran… it’s his dream to have one of his suggested videos on the site…. Live the dream!

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