Rainbow road

For all you Mario cart fans out there… the level everybody hates just got worse.

….its called the road… its called the rainbow road.


Seems this tune is really popular in New Zealand, I only know about it because everytime my flatmate sticks on some tunes this is always the first one. He has the best taste in music.

Video is so good. so, so good.

(I didn’t mean the NZ comment by the way, just in case I get evicted) 🙂

Go Gators! Go Gators!

I want to party with these guys!

Super Broker shuffle

“We aint here to cause any trouble….”

It’s all over the net and for good reason.

Top that!

So awesome it kinda hurts….

Don’t know where Ciaran found it… but he did.

Worst or best?

Home shopping FAIL!

“Don’t forget to lock it….”